Last Will and Testament

Making a Will can provide the ultimate peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

No one wants to build a legacy, a profitable business or hard-earned nest egg only to have it fought over by loved ones due to perceived unfair allocations or depleted by unnecessary legal fees and avoidable taxes upon their death.

Dying without a Will, known as “intestate” means the Government will determine how your estate is distributed upon your death. This can cause needless stress and expense for loved ones as the law does trample over emotional relationships and ignores family estrangements and so may dictate a sharing of the estate which bears little reflection of your intentions.

Using a Solicitor for Wills

Writing a Will ensures you determine how all your assets, property, bank accounts, investments are distributed and protects your family upon your death. Our professional Will writing service can help you get your affairs in order for the following situations;

  • Divorce, second marriage and grown children. Update your Will to reflect your new circumstances.
  • Protecting your young children. Stipulate who will raise your children if orphaned and who will help protect your estate for their future.
  • A vulnerable adult dependent. Ensure you prescribe their future care and estate management.
  • Estranged relative or friend. Provide clarity of how you want to share your estate with a formerly close family member or friend.
  • Property or investment purchases: Designate who should inherit your property portfolio no matter how large or small.
  • Surviving spouse or partner. Plan for inheritance tax on the death of the survivor to ensure that your Wills are as tax efficient as possible.
  • Overseas investment. Consider foreign jurisdictions if you have assets in different countries and provide your future Will executor with clear instructions.
  • Business interest. Protect your investment for your family and consider what will happen to investors, partners, directors and staff if you die.

Appointing a Will Executor

It is very important that the person you appoint as your Will Executor understands their responsibilities. Our article 8 Tips for Will and Trust Executors will help you and the person you appoint to comprehend what is involved.

The Cost of Making a Will

For individuals and couples alike we provide a tailored price for your Last Will and Testament requirements ensuring that the charges are always cost-effective and reasonable.

We take the time to understand your personal situation and your concerns. Most Wills can be straightforward statements of your intent. However, where your needs are more complex and specific estate planning is required, we will advise and agree a reasonable, appropriate fee in advance.

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