Your Rights: Buying a house with your live-in partner

For most couples, deciding to move in together is an exciting time, looking to the future, and planning a home together can be the start of a great lifetime ahead, but not protecting your assets or your legal position can be a very risky course of action. By the time many couples realise that, in law, they are considered as separate individuals, it’s too late to put any legal protection in place. Many couples believe that living together gives them legal rights, but marriage at common law does not exist, and unless you have agreed your positions at the start…

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Reasons to leave your business in your Will

Remembering your business interests when drawing up your personal Will is essential. When preparing a Will, many people forget to include their business interests in their arrangements, however, nothing could be more important for your company. In business, as an owner, partner or shareholder, it is important to consider all your assets when thinking about your personal Will Consider all options for your Estate and Business Many people assume that all their assets will go to their loved ones and beneficiaries automatically, and some people create a personal Will, but omit to include their business interests. There are several questions…

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