What you need to know about the Court of Protection

One of the most common health issues of the ageing population in the UK is dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society 2014 updated report advised that;The total number of people with dementia in the UK will be 850,000 by 2015 and forecast to increase to over 1 million by 2025 and over 2 million by 2051. With the first wave of baby-boomers reaching their 70s in 2015 more and more people will have relatives or friends that may suffer from health conditions, such as dementia, that could affect their ability to make significant decisions about their money or property. When will you…

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Reasons to leave your business in your Will

Remembering your business interests when drawing up your personal Will is essential. When preparing a Will, many people forget to include their business interests in their arrangements, however, nothing could be more important for your company. In business, as an owner, partner or shareholder, it is important to consider all your assets when thinking about your personal Will Consider all options for your Estate and Business Many people assume that all their assets will go to their loved ones and beneficiaries automatically, and some people create a personal Will, but omit to include their business interests. There are several questions…

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