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What does probate mean?

The probate definition, is a term applied to the process of managing a deceased person’s affairs.

Probate can be a complex process and where there is a Last Will and Testament the person applying for probate is the Executor and where there is no Will the person appointed is the Administrator. We are probate solicitors so can act as an Executor when appointed within a Will instruction or can act for an Administrator for estates left without a Will.

When is probate required?

The Executor of a Will is required to first send the original Will to the Probate Office to obtain a grant of probate and complete probate forms. An Administrator, where the person has died intestate, is required to complete Letters of Administration.

Executors and Administrators are then required to attend probate court to present details of the estate, detailing assets and liabilities and beneficiaries of inheritance. At this point relatives and creditors are officially notified of the death of the deceased person.

When the Executor or Administrator is clear that the estate is in order, application will be made to the court for a granting of probate which allows for the payment of any debts and taxes and the division of the remainder to the identified beneficiaries either by a cash transfer or a legal change of title.

How long does probate take?

Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, the probate process can continue for a few months, even a year while the Executor or Administrator determines the value and liquidity of the assets and the need for any sales due to debts to be paid or bequests to be made.

Our Advice Only service will help you process the estate yourself.

Our years of experience means we recognise that many clients wish to manage the legal paperwork themselves following death and often turn to the internet, without much success as it is rarely delivered in a form that can be easily understood.

We understand how frustrating and daunting it can be to navigate your way around the probate process, that’s why we offer a bespoke probate advice service. This service will give you the control and peace of mind and will help you process many of the probate steps yourself, then should you at any time need us to be more ‘hands on’ and closely involved we will already be familiar with the details so we can step in and complete the process quickly and successfully for you.

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