About Us

At Courmacs, we believe it is having the right attitude that counts, and giving you the right outcome, when tested, that matters. 

Our mission is for our clients to feel satisfied and at peace with the process of using a local Solicitor. This undertaking is embedded in our name: “Cour”, our heartbeat, our intention to get to the core of the matter quickly for you, and then “macs”, we will do the maximum for you, the client.

Sarah Waugh is highly experienced and always approachable

The Managing Partner, Sarah Waugh has the legal experience and emotional intelligence to deliver on the firm’s mission statement. Sarah has worked as a qualified Solicitor for over 14 years in the Greater Manchester area specializing in ‘Private Client’ or commonly known as Wills Trusts and Probate.

Whatever the brief, Sarah’s first law is care for the client and the second is resolving their concern with a personal touch. She has a proven track record of managing cases where either individuals or families need legal advice and support. Bereaved, vulnerable or perhaps daunted by sorting out their Will requirements and Estate affairs, Sarah has helped individuals who need a trusted legal advisor who can come up with tailor made solutions to their personal or business related estate concerns, in sometimes quite complex circumstances.

Sarah Waugh - Managing Partner - Courmacs LLP Solicitors

The legal structure of Courmacs LLP

Courmacs LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (‘the SRA’) and was granted a licence to operate on the 7th of May 2014.   

Courmacs LLP is a family business, made up of three partners, two sisters and brother-in-law. One sister, Sarah Waugh, the Managing Partner, is an experienced Solicitor offering the legal services to the public. The remaining two partners who are not lawyers, Deborah O’Donnell and Hugh are responsible, with Sarah, to the SRA in relation to carrying out their duties as owners of the business.  As a portion of the Partnership is owned by non-lawyers, the LLP has been set up as an Alternative Business Structure in accordance with SRA guidelines.

Our logo, much more than an image

We have adopted the image of the dove in our logo. For us the dove is connected with peace and serenity. But, dig a little deeper into the role of a dove in another partnership, that of the dove with the magician. Obedient and patient, the dove waits and comes out at right time with pure motivation and no ego. Our firm’s intentions: no ego, just patiently prepared and considered advice, provided at the right time.

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