John Shaw Equestrian

At Courmacs, we enjoy getting involved in our local community and we are now sponsoring John Shaw Equestrian and Olivia, a member of the Courmacs family who is doing particularly well and will be show jumping this year.

We like to show appreciation to good local businesses looking after and caring for our community. Horses are calming and gentle animals and for those people who invest their time in horse riding, it can be very therapeutic.

When people first learn to ride they are fearful of feeling out of control – of placing their trust in the horse. Similarly, approaching legal services can be daunting – people fear they may end up spending a lot of money or that it is going to be a huge burden to them. At Courmacs we try to make the process smooth and easy with a friendly welcome, staff you can trust and payment plans on Family matters so that clients can be brave and take those precarious first steps to move forwards.

At John Shaw there is a very special horse named Carlos who, like our business, is gentle, kind and reassuring. He promotes confidence in new riders. Before they know it, they have moved quickly into more confident and skilled tasks and find them easier because they have balance and confidence in their lives. Once you take the first step, you can achieve anything. We will walk you through your legal matters and help you find your balance. The confidence that you have in us repays itself because we can take on the difficult tasks and allow you to move forward even at the most trying of times.

John Shaw
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