Why do I need an Indemnity Policy? One of the most common question we are asked in Conveyancing

Indemnity insurance policies are commonly used in property transactions to provide protection in situations where the legal position is either unclear or not fully acceptable to a purchaser or mortgage lender. Indemnity policies can be a quick way of resolving legal issues to everyone’s satisfaction, so are frequently used to speed up the conveyancing process.  […]

Signing Documents in 2020: Why you shouldn’t abbreviate

Now that we are in 2020, we’re sure you’re going to be messing up on the date quite a lot, like everybody. BUT, beware when abbreviating 2020, when you are writing out the date. As it can be fraudulently changed to 2019, 2021, or any other date in this century. Instead, make sure when you’re […]

Buying your first home

As a first time buyer, the prospect of buying your first home, and most likely taking out a mortgage, can seem daunting, but do not let it be.  Courmacs offers a first-time buyers no obligation consultation to guide first time buyers through their first purchase. Whether you have found your first property already, or perhaps […]

How ironic is it that the telephone is now iconic?

Take a look at this telephone box.  There are lots of different ways of using technology where we are expected to communicate and we can spend ages on the phone listening to pre-recorded messages.  The telephone “image” just goes to show how important it is to communicate and accept an old-fashioned call.   At Courmacs […]

Finances and Divorce

When considering divorce, you may not take into account financial separation from your spouse. It is important to sever your financial as well as your marital ties to your spouse so as to stop any further claims on your assets, income and estate. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of financial independence following a divorce, […]

Christmas in Urmston

Christmas is a time for supporting each other and helping those in need.  Homelessness is an issue close to our hearts and as a firm and we have been looking for a way to help locally.  Bang Tidy Lifestyle Lounge are asking local Urmstoners to pop down and donate warm coats and jumpers, and for […]

Courmacs makes positive changes to the team

Courmacs is a young and fast paced environment, focused on growing legal talent from within. This year we are making positive changes and in light of this we have formed a new team of enthusiastic, creative and forward-thinking people. Here in the office, we enjoy a harmonious diversity of characters and skill sets which lends well to the changing economy, allowing us the flexibility to assist clients on a wide range of issues.

The team has a unique perspective on providing legal services whereby you will be looked after by employees who possess the skills and the knowledge necessary, but most importantly possess the emotional intelligence that really makes a difference when assisting clients during difficult or stressful times of life.

We have ensured that we have a strong team of individuals whose main agenda is the well being of the client and not only providing legal solutions but also care in the community. We are lucky to have our office on the main high street of Urmston, we are local and accessible to ordinary people who need our help.

We always strive to award our clients individual attention as we understand that everybody’s circumstances are different, and while the legal matter may be the same – the experience is not. We want our clients to feel that they have a solid point of contact within the office with whom they have built a rapport. We understand that it is difficult to speak with a stranger regarding personal matters and we want to eliminate that feeling – allowing us to engage in a deep and qualitative manner and to achieve the best possible outcome.

We are an ethics-based law firm, treating all of our clients with respect and acting with integrity. We operate within the standards and principles ensuring that the services we offer are affordable and make the lives of our valued clients much easier.

We are making particular efforts with the new team to ensure we are equipped and prepared to take on new challenges as per modern times. We are no longer living in a time where family law equals divorce. We are aware of the diversity of family structures of recent years, an increasing number of unmarried couples cohabitating, same sex marriages and blended families. We are conscious to keep brushed up on all aspects of family law to ensure we can assist in any number of situations.

The team are always up to date on the latest news in politics and economics, enabling us to hypothesise the type of work that may be required in the near future and to be prepared. This approach proves to be particularly helpful for our conveyancing department who are currently dealing with new volumes of equity transfers.

Supporting the local community is the most important factor of why we are here. The firm has a family orientated feel and all staff are extremely personable and empathetic. We find this helps when dealing with vulnerable clients. Our private client department excels in providing peace of mind to vulnerable people and their families alike. Lasting Power of Attorney is just one service we provide that can assist families during difficult times.

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