How ironic is it that the telephone is now iconic?


Take a look at this telephone box.  There are lots of different ways of using technology where we are expected to communicate and we can spend ages on the phone listening to pre-recorded messages.  The telephone “image” just goes to show how important it is to communicate and accept an old-fashioned call.


At Courmacs we understand that communication is important and we hope we that you can come in and talk to you about your legal matter.  Speaking to people is very important to our business and whilst we enjoy some of the benefits of modern technology, there is a balance and the balance for us is that you can communicate with us online or speak to us, so that we can help you in solving your problem and taking the stress away.  We acknowledge that communication is about understanding people that is where Courmacs wants to help.  

It is part of our mission and why were different. 


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