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Financial commitments don’t end with divorce

Contrary to popular belief, your financial commitment to your ex-partner (wife, husband or civil partner) does not end with a ‘Decree Absolute’. Even if you discuss matters amicably with your ex-partner and decide what happens to your wealth and assets your financial commitments to each other will not end until you legally formalise the arrangement […]

Rights of Fathers in Divorce

Divorce can be an upsetting time, both for the husband and wife and for any children involved, but in law both parents have a responsibility to support their children after a divorce. Firstly, as a father you have as much right as the mother to stake a claim for custody of the children, although in […]

Helping in Domestic Abuse Cases

Domestic Abuse – We are a caring and sensitive firm that can help in these difficult circumstances Experiencing domestic abuse of any kind can be a harrowing experience. However, our friendly and experienced team of family lawyers understand the effects of domestic abuse and can help you resolve your issues in this area. Domestic abuse […]

Child Custody in Divorce & Separation

Children and custody in divorce and separation cases The break-up of a marriage or other relationship can be distressing, especially where the couple have children. The main issues that need to be addressed are: With which partner each of the children will make their main home How much time each child should spend with each […]

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of meeting used in family law for working out financial circumstances and child ownership following a couple’s divorce and separation. A normal meeting of the two parties is likely to be unproductive and potentially dangerous if hostility is brewing between the couple. That is the importance of the mediation process as […]
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