Courmacs' Ethos


Spring time is upon us – this season is particularly relevant to us here at Courmacs as we are focusing on new beginnings, both as a business with a new team and structure, and also assisting clients across our three departments to obtain the new beginnings that they want and deserve.

We like to use the analogy of bees and wasps:

Wasps and bees appear in the spring time and are seemingly an annoyance, we run away from them, frightened we will be stung. They are very different creatures – unlike a bee, a wasp can sting multiple people, multiple times and live to tell the tale. This can happen for no apparent reason with no provocation.

A bee, however, works as part of a team.  The symbol of Manchester, worker bees represent teamwork with the objective of creating something that benefits everybody. Structure is provided by the manufacturing of honeycomb which we liken to the outcomes that we seek for you – an orderly and pleasing creation.

Our committed clients are contributing to building a structure, assisting us in a process of creating something of value to you. It takes our effort to work on your behalf and your effort in contributing to our structure. By working this way, we can really make a difference.  

People don’t tend to dwell on the differences in the way bees and wasps operate, and the same can be said for appointing a solicitor. It is very easy to find a solicitor to instruct nowadays, the difficulty is finding somebody with integrity and good morals so that you can avoid getting stung.

As we are all aware, the honey produced by bees serves so many purposes in the world. We want to take the same approach. While costs are unavoidable when obtaining a legal service, we trust that the advice is of value and that you will see the benefit of the work we do. We want to offer transparent solutions to all of your legal worries and help you in your new beginnings.

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