Early and exciting days


After many months of planning we are pleased to present a new firm on the high street to you COURMACS LLP.   The firm is a regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and was granted a licence to operate on the 7th of May.  

Courmacs LLP in terms of structure is an alternative business structure which means that it is owned by lawyers and non lawyers.

In character, Courmacs LLP as a firm is a family business, made up of three partners, two sisters and brother-in-law.   One sister, Sarah Waugh, managing partner, is an experienced lawyer offering the legal services to the public.  Her sister Debbie Jane O’Donnell and brother in law Hugh Michael O’Donnell are non-lawyer owners.  They also support the business and are responsible, with Sarah, to the SRA in relation to carrying out their duties as owners of the business.  

We are looking forward to being there on the high street and in particular Sarah is looking forward to providing an inspired and friendly service to the public.

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