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How ironic is it that the telephone is now iconic?

Take a look at this telephone box.  There are lots of different ways of using technology where we are expected to communicate and we can spend ages on the phone listening to pre-recorded messages.  The telephone “image” just goes to show how important it is to communicate and accept an old-fashioned call. At Courmacs we understand that communication is important and we hope we that you can come in and talk to you about your legal matter.  Speaking to people is very important to our business and whilst we enjoy some of the benefits of modern technology, there is a balance…

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Courmacs update

We have been around for five years now and would like to share our progress with you. Over the years we have worked hard to modernise the firm and familiarise ourselves with the needs of the people of Urmston! We have a very busy office here on Urmston high street and have our lovely clients and dedicated staff to thank for that. We specialise in Private Client, Family Law and Conveyancing. Whether it be writing your will or administering the estate of a loved one, assisting you with a separation which may involve arrangements for the care of your children,…

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We have a facebook and twitter page

Follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest news affecting conveyancing and family law. We have a facebook page which can be found here: And, we're on twitter, you can find us at: We'd love to hear from you so drop us a tweet or direct message us if that's your preferred method of contact.

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