Why do I need an Indemnity Policy? One of the most common question we are asked in Conveyancing

Indemnity insurance policies are commonly used in property transactions to provide protection in situations where the legal position is either unclear or not fully acceptable to a purchaser or mortgage lender.Indemnity policies can be a quick way of resolving legal issues to everyone’s satisfaction, so are frequently used to speed up the conveyancing process.  Depending on the defect, insurance quotes are usually given within a day or so and the policies can be taken out quickly.What do they cost?The cost varies according to the value of the property, its use and the nature of the risk.  Usually a single upfront…

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Signing Documents in 2020: Why you shouldn’t abbreviate

Now that we are in 2020, we’re sure you're going to be messing up on the date quite a lot, like everybody. BUT, beware when abbreviating 2020, when you are writing out the date. As it can be fraudulently changed to 2019, 2021, or any other date in this century. Instead, make sure when you're dating documents in 2020 that you write the year out in full, to protect yourself against fraud

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