Rights of Fathers in Divorce

Divorce can be an upsetting time, both for the husband and wife and for any children involved, but in law both parents have a responsibility to support their children after a divorce. Firstly, as a father you have as much right as the mother to stake a claim for custody of the children, although in practice only 7% of UK children affected by divorce or separation end up living with their father. The first important concept is that of shared Parental Responsibility. If the children live with their mother, then you cannot expect to have control over their day-to-day lives.…

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Physical Incapacity and Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney for business owners – in the case of physical incapacity You may think of Power of Attorney as being something that only affects your domestic life. However, it is also vitally important for business owners to consider this issue. If as a business owner you become physically incapacitated, who would take over the running of the company? As a business owner, the type of arrangement you need to consider is a ‘property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney (LPA)’. This will allow your appointed attorney the right to access company bank accounts, make payments, renew insurance…

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