Helping in Domestic Abuse Cases

Domestic Abuse – We are a caring and sensitive firm that can help in these difficult circumstances Experiencing domestic abuse of any kind can be a harrowing experience. However, our friendly and experienced team of family lawyers understand the effects of domestic abuse and can help you resolve your issues in this area. Domestic abuse might not involve violent acts, or the threat of violence. Domestic abuse can also be psychological, sexual, financial or emotional. We promise to listen carefully and sympathetically to your situation, and then to consider options available to you, which might include: An occupation order –…

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Future Planning

Future Planning – Why you need to look at a Will, Inheritance Tax & Power of Attorney and make conscious decisions now Making a will, planning for inheritance tax and making provision for power of attorney are all things people tend to put off doing, not least because they involve thinking about death or loss of capacity. However, there can be very real consequences if you don’t act. If you don’t make a will: Your possessions will be distributed according to the law, rather than in line with your wishes and those of your family Your nearest and dearest could…

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Child Custody in Divorce & Separation

Children and custody in divorce and separation cases The break-up of a marriage or other relationship can be distressing, especially where the couple have children. The main issues that need to be addressed are: With which partner each of the children will make their main home How much time each child should spend with each partner How much child maintenance should be paid, and by whom Unless the couple instantly reach a mutual agreement on all of these issues, then an attempt is usually made to resolve these matters by mediation. Here a professional mediator, who is an independent third…

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