Do You Need Estate Planning?

Estate planning No one likes to think for too long about the subject of death. But if you take time to address the issue of what happens to your property and possessions when you die, then you can spare your family a lot of aggravation, and possibly save them a lot of money as well. Work out how much your estate is worth – you should firstly determine exactly how much you are worth. Your estate on death will include: any properties you own, savings and investments, life insurance, pension funds, motor vehicles and household contents. The last of these,…

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Importance of Having a Will

Will writing It is not compulsory to use a solicitor to write your will, but there are definite advantages in doing so. A solicitor who specialises in will writing can give you expert advice on your options for disposing of your estate, and can explain the relevant legislation. They can ensure no mistakes are made in the will writing process. Some people who adopted the DIY approach to their will have inadvertently invalidated their will, or other problems have arisen, as a result of failing to follow the correct process. If something does go wrong with your solicitor, then you…

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